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Thank-you for stopping by my Online Store. :) Purchases here will help support me in my efforts to make a full-time living on the road. I'll be adding items from time to time, so be sure to stop by every so often. Be sure to hit your browser's REFRESH Button.


As some people have inquired about sending me money directly to support my YouTube Channels, this Website and the Living In A Van Facebok Page/Group, I decided to create a Patreon Account for my video game programming efforts and to make My PayPal Account available for donations. It takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money to keep the website, Facebook Page/Group and YouTube Channel going. You can also support my efforts by giving my YouTube Videos a THUMBS UP, sharing it on your social media site such as FaceBook Twitter and others, and making comments on the videos. The more views and interactions I have, the more the ads on the videos will earn for me, so that is a direct way to support this channel without spending any money...just your viewing time and feedback on the videos. The entire Van Build Series and all My Vlog Entries can be found via these links. You can also help out by checking out my Way2Cool YouTube Channel and suscribing to that as well. The Way2Cool Channel is designed to be more general interest and contains a lot of useful and fun projects.

If you'd like to Become A Sponsor for this website and the Living In A Van Facebook Group and YouTube Channel, please check out the link below. As a sponsor, you get a text and/or graphical link out to your own website. This is a great option for promoting YOUR website through this website.


~ Denoy

#Vanlife Freedom Decals

These are the "Official" Decals for the Living In A Van Facebook Group and YouTube Channel. You do not have to purchase these to use them. :)

If you click on the image to the left, it is linked to a GIF file that you are free to download/print out and use on your own. Alternatively, you are free to create your own.

The symbol that our vanning group and supporters will be looking for essentially consists of a tire surrounded by a pair of wings of some sort. They can be any kind of wings, from bird wings, to bat wings, to butterfly wings or even dragon wings.

The wings symbolize our love of freedom and the tires represent our mobility. The decals can be used anywhere on any item. The recommended placement on a vehicle is either the back bumper or back door/window somewhere.

If you spot a vehicle somewhere with this logo/decal, it means the person is a supporter or member of our group and receptive to meeting your acquaintance. :)


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